Types of In-Game Currencies are Present in Dragon Ball Legends Game!

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In-Game Currencies are required to complete every task in an appropriate manner. There are several types of currencies available in the game, which are in the forms of Crystals, Souls, and so on. But in today’s article, we will discuss only two types that will help the gamers in each and every aspect.

Aside from this, if you have a good amount of In-Game Currencies available in your gaming account, then you should spend them on necessary tasks instead of wasting it.

Know the Two Main Types of In-Game Currencies!

Below are the mentioned two main types of In-Game Currencies which players of Dragon Ball Legends should know-


Crystals are the primary currency in Dragon Ball Legends game that can be obtained in various ways. The First and foremost way to grab crystals as a reward is that by completing the daily challenges and events. If you still facing some issues while earning time, then you have to know how to use hacks and cheats, then you can get every type of In-Game Items as per your wish or even at free-of-cost.


Souls are the secondary currency in the game that gamers can earn by leveling up quickly. But its quantity will be decided according to your performance, so make sure to try to give your best while playing time. One can also buy souls from the In-App Purchases store by spending their real-life money on it. One thing you should keep in mind is that souls are obtained in a few ways, but their role is very precious, so make sure to spend it where you need it.

The Final Words!

To recapitulate, hope that you understand basics tactics to earn the in-Game Credits as given above that will help the gamers to become a successful player in Dragon Ball Legends Game.